Experience of Buying Plus Size Prom Dresses for My Daughter

Next Friday will be my daughter Kelly’s senior high school graduation and I promised to get several beautiful plus size prom dresses for her to choose, actually it is not an easy job to so such thing because she has a lot of requests about the dress, she even drew a picture about her unique plus size prom dress, I said to her: “What a pity that you are not a designer”!

Plus Size Prom Dresses

plus size short prom dresses

It is always easy to make a promise and difficult to carry out, I asked Kelly to go with me and pick up the plus size short prom dresses for her, but she said she need to practice her dance since the exam was on the way. Then I went to find the prom dress for her on my own. You know the most ridiculous thing was that when I entered a dress shop, facing so many plus size prom dresses, there is nothing I can do but took out the picture my daughter drew and compared one by one, it is a different and boring job.

cheap plus size prom dresses

I took a whole day wandering around the shopping mall to select the cheap plus size prom dresses, but end with nothing. When I came back home, I told my daughter: “Maybe it is better if you go with me or let your mom to pick the dress for you, your poor old man is really not good at it”. My daughter stared at me with surprised face and said: “Do not tell me you go to the shopping mall to pick the dress for me, you are really out of fashion, we can find plus size prom dresses online, that is more convenient and cheaper”!

plus size prom dresses under 100

Then that night became the first night I purchase online, and Kelly really got the plus size prom dresses under 100 from thousands of dresses in only one hour which was similar to the one she drew, and there are several shops even make plus size prom dresses according to customers’ requests.

short plus size prom dresses

After the incident, I start to learn and improve myself, I am afraid there is generation gap between I and my daughter one day and the experience of buying my daughter’s short plus size prom dresses let me realize this and it is not too late to change!

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